Wednesday, June 3, 2009


We have been busy this week watching the Hummingbirds at the new feeder we put up on our front deck. They are such an interesting little creature. It is amazing how such a small bird can have so much energy.

We had other interesting visitors at our feeder this week. Two ducks waddled into our back yard. We guess they came from the saltwater marsh which our yard backs onto. You can see them crossing the lawn.

They seem to like the sunflower seeds that drop under the feeder by the other birds.

An evening shot from our back deck out over the saltwater marsh onto the Bay of Chaleur. There is also a municipal park on the beach in this area. You can see the picnic tables in the background.

Pictures by Paul


  1. Re: the duck visitors

    The word is out in the bird kingdom "Stop at Paul's Place by the Sea, they'll feed anything with feathers!"

  2. Do you have cracked corn in the wild birdseed mix? If you do, the ducks love that stuff.

    I'm envious of your hummingbirds. I need to buy my feeder this weekend.

  3. Dear Marilyn,
    How have you been? I have had privilege to 'chat' with Paul. Then, with such gratitude, I have read over your last month of excursions demonstrating such beauty, peacefulness, friendship, and celebration. Congratulations on a belated 6 year anniversary and that special 5?th birthday!
    Looking forward to meeting you at the end of July/start of August,
    Caroline and Rene

  4. Dear Marilyn,
    What is the distance between Fredericton and Bathurst? Your map allows a clear view of mannerisms to travel. It's been 30 years since I lived in New Brunswick. Wow!
    Awaiting your response,