Friday, January 16, 2009

Yum! Yum!

Our eastcoast blood is flowing again. Nothing like a nice pan of cod cheeks for supper.

It was not just the beach walking that bought Paul and I back to our eastcoast roots. It was our love for fresh fish and having a great fish market only a 5-minute drive from our house, Arseneau's. When I first mentioned cod cheeks to Paul he wasn't sure if he was game to try them but when I explained that they were plump and juicy like a scallop but with a salty taste, he went along.

So...cod cheeks are exactly that....firm fish from the cheeks of cod fish. They have a similar texture to scallops (in other words, firmer than the rest of the cod which is flaky and bony). So you can cook them in the same way you would do shrimp or scallops. I like to just heat a little oil in a fry pan, put flour in a plastic bag, add the cod cheeks, shake to cover, remove and pop them in the fry pan, cooking till lightly brown. So there you go!


  1. your cod cheeks sure look yummo...we must try some one day.....

  2. www.houseincobblehill.blogspot.comJanuary 19, 2009 at 11:30 AM

    Cod Cheeks? I do not like them and that is that. I do not like then niether does my cat. My problem with cod cheeks; is seperating them from thier tongues.

  3. I love cod cheeks. They have all the great taste of cod tongues without the yucky jelly bit. These look delicious Marilyn.

  4. Hey what's new? Nothing heard in sometime.