Friday, January 16, 2009

Three Very Special People to Me

Happy Red Hat Day Ladies

In August 2005 I was fortunate to share a magical week of friendship in Beresford with three very special people to celebrate our 50th birthdays. A week we will never forget.

My gift to my three friends was to start our Red Hat Society group, giving them red hats and purple scarves. Because of the miles between us (Ontario, Germany, Newfoundland and New Brunswick) we are unable to meet regularly to socialise so we meet on the 17th of each month by email to share news. We try to remember to wear red on that day.

We talked about meeting again in 2015 in Germany for our 60th birthdays, but we now realise that we cannot wait that long to share friendship again, so we will meet in Newfoundland in 2010.

Friendship is one of the world's greatest treasures


  1. We all look sooo elegant but, where are you!?
    Where did you locate your cool NB map? Please email to let me know.

  2. How sweet. We are tres elegant! I agree with should be there too. Great blogging Marilyn.