Monday, January 19, 2009

This Winter Storm was......

for the birds - really! This morning when we looked out our livingroom window our cedars were shorter and our bird feeder lower, or so it seemed. More than 30 cms of snow fell overnight and the only ones happy were the pigeons who visit our feeder every morning.

Most days we have two pigeons who struggle to feed by flapping their wings madly while trying to balance on the tiny post on the feeder to get sunflower seeds. It seems like a lot of work for them so I often toss a handful of seeds on the snow under the feeder.

Today they had the perfect situation - they could stand on the snow and pick the seeds out without any work at all. They even brought along several of their friends.

Here is a better view of our 30+ cms of snow in our front yard. Our friend Giselle will appreciate this photo more than anyone as she gifted us with an ornamental Japanese maple tree last fall which we planted near the feeder for the chickadees to perch on. Yes that's right, there is a little tree under all that snow!


  1. The red bow is the perfect touch. I swear I can smell the cold.

  2. Nice pictures of the birdfeeder. It reminds me of one winter when I had to dig my feeder out of the snow and it was hanging on the branches of my full grown maple tree!