Sunday, April 29, 2012

Another Great Day for Seaglass


Since it was cool and the ground too wet to do yard work this past week, Paul and I decided to do a little more beachcombing and what a great day for treasures it was.  Paul still has not sorted his collection, but I have.  I was very happy with my blue seaglass finds, as well as my white milk glass and a piece of pottery.

I couldn't believe that I was lucky enough to find another bottle stopper in the rocks.  Although the top is partially broken, it was still a GREAT find.

This piece of pink seaglass may be small, but it's a keeper, as well as the piece of teal and this round white piece with the interesting design that looks like a large button.  I'm not sure what it is but it will become a piece in my rare finds collection.

We are hoping that all the wind we have had the past couple of days will stir up more seaglass for us to find this week.

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