Thursday, March 1, 2012

Myrtle Beach Boardwalk

Although it was a little windy, Paul and I thought Elaine might like to take a walk on the Myrtle Beach Boardwalk on the strip.  The walk goes from 2nd Avenue Pier to 14th Avenue Pier.  We stopped to admire those people brave enough to ride the The Skywheel - not for us...  

We walked along to 14th Avenue Pier and on our return walk, Elaine and I popped into
The Gay Dolphin, which is said to be the largest gift shop on the East Coast.  Elaine and I thought it the most confusing gift shop with all the different levels.  There was a guy making roses from palm leaves on the boardwalk so Elaine and I bought one. 

The Gay Dolphin Gift Shop

Palm Grass Rose

This is a view of Myrtle Beach looking north.  There are more than 60 miles of walkable beach on The Grand Strand.

Here we are, the two beach bunnies...

When we finished on the boardwalk, we went out onto 2nd Avenue Pier to enjoy the views.

2nd Avenue Pier (restaurant and bar)

Myrtle Beach, looking south
Myrtle Beach, looking north
Myrtle Beach, looking north

Yes, here we are - Elaine and I after our walk - roses, shopping bag and the Boardwalk sign.

Another great afternoon.

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