Sunday, March 25, 2012

A Fish Story for a Beautiful morning..


.“Arn? Narn.” It is said to be the shortest conversation in Newfoundland. It’s also a prescient description of its culture’s future. Two fishing boats in a harbor are approaching one another, one departing, the other returning. The captain of the departing boat yells out to the captain of the returning boat, “Arn?” The other captain’s reply, “Narn.” Translated, “Any fish?” “No fish.” And that is the story.

Earlier this week on Surfside Beach, this was the scene from our deck as we enjoyed our coffee.  Life is simple here at the beach.  

A man, who just happens to be a fellow Newfoundlander, sitting on his bait bucket waiting for a fish to take his bait.  Then along comes a guy and the first fish tale just might be told.

One can only assume that this is a local fishing boat out for a morning's catch and not a fishing warden coming to see what is up.  (While watching from our deck, we can weave any story we wish.)

Then along comes a fellow with "the boys" who we know is a fellow Canadian neighbour.  Maybe, another tale be told.


Yet another joins the group.  

So as the story goes, “Arn? Sadly, Narn.”  But there is always another day.


  1. This is great! Seriously, this is an excellent post. You should try more story telling. I'm (pardon the pun) hooked.

  2. Enjoy the absolute beauty of your home away from home, Marilyn and Paul, for the weather is ... rather different ... back home!

    We are well and we hope the very same for you. Drive safely as you venture on back home.

    Rene and Caroline

  3. Dear Marilyn and Paul,

    Have an enjoyable and safe trip back home.

    Till later,

    Rene and Caroline