Sunday, February 12, 2012

Brookgreen Garden, Again

Yes folks, we were at Brookgreen Gardens once again.  We were expecting cool temperatures here in Surfside Beach last night so Paul and I decided to take a walk in the gardens to enjoy the spring blooms just in case they were damaged by frost last night.  We enjoyed a walk through the low country area, the zoo and then the main gardens.  What a great day for enjoying the animals, birds and blooms.  Every time we visit Brookgreen Gardens, which is quite often now that we have an annual family membership, we see and enjoy something new.  It's such a magical place to both of us.

This was one of my favourite photos.  I love their expression!

Our zoo walk was quite nice yesterday.  The animals seem to be active.

Cute face
Sea Otters

Wild Turkeys
Our first time to see the deer, who are usually hiding in the trees 

The main gardens were full of interesting blooms, for this time of year.

Tea and coffee coming up

Ever changing, simply amazing - Brookgreen Gardens

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