Sunday, July 11, 2010

Travels to Ontario

In June Paul and I travelled to Ontario for a couple of weeks. We spent a night in the Brockville area with my family then a couple of nights in Ottawa visiting with friends over breakfasts and dinners, which was nice and we did a little shopping. Our mission to find patio bar stools for our new deck was successful!

But the main reason for our time in Ottawa was to attend the wedding of our friends, Sandra and Javier, an exceptional young couple, whom we are very happy to know.
Sandra and Javier, as well as their families, made us feel very welcome. Their wedding day was simple, but special, filled with many thoughtful moments. Paul and I were very happy to be able to share in it. We wish them much happiness.

Although a very busy three days in Ottawa, we enjoyed getting to see our friends and catching up on all their news. We did miss seeing a couple of our friends who, since last year, have moved on in their lives, but we will see them again.

It was then nice to spend a few lazy days at my sister's summer place in Mallorytown, better known as "the farm". Well, it is located in the country and there are a couple of fruit trees planted there!

This little bird decided to build a nest at the edge of the driveway of all places and lay eggs there. The terracotta pot was a reminder to us to not get too close to the nest, which was virtually impossible as we were noisily chased away by its owner
! This little bird was very good with the "broken wing" trick.

During our visit we also drove to Kingston one day to meet with a couple more friends whom we had not seen for a couple of years. It was nice to chat over coffee with one, and wine with others.

Another day we enjoyed a drive along the country back roads and stopped at Westport, a pretty little town near the water, with interesting shops and inns.

I took a stroll along the docks with my sister while my brother-in-law

being a sailor, had to checked out the local boats, while my hubby

looked down on us from the bridge.

What better way to relax after all that strolling and shopping, than with a cool one, or that is. Well maybe guys also! We found the Cove Country Inn, with a patio overlooking the water.

A very enjoyable day for everyone and I found this interesting sign for my garden.

Paul and I are now back home in New Brunswick enjoying our relaxing lifestyle again. Until our next adventure.


  1. That's a lovely photo of Sandra and Javier sitting on the rock

  2. Great post Marilyn. Beautiful photos as well. I love the kildeer nesting by your sister's driveway. We had a family of them living by the road by our house in St-Albert. I miss them!

  3. It is so nice to hear about travels and to see the wonderful pictures.