Friday, July 2, 2010

Canada Day (1 July) in New Brunswick

Canada Day, formerly Dominion Day, is Canada's national day, a federal statutory holiday celebrating the anniversary of the 1 July 1867 enactment of the British North America Act, which united two British colonies and a province of the British Empire into a single country, still within the Empire, called Canada.

For the past 18 years I have celebrated Canada Day in our nation's capital, Ottawa, which to me is an experience everyone should have at least once in their lifetime. It is difficult to put it into words, so take a look at some of the photos of the celebrations in Ottawa this year at this link. The crowd can number from 50,000 to 100,000 people near Parliament Hill, that day.

This was our first official Canada Day in New Brunswick. While celebrations were more subdued that we were used to, Paul and I enjoyed the afternoon at the Youghall Beach festivities in Bathurst. The sun was shining and we were dressed proudly in our red and white.

Many of the area people were happy to sit under the Canada sun umbrellas provided, to listen to a favorite local band, Wild Pitch.

One of the band members, Brian Kenny (left), is the New Brunswick Provincial Minister of Tourism and Parks. Wild Pitch entertained us with music from "the old days"!

Paul is always happy and appreciative of good live music.

Some people were returning to the marina after enjoying a leisurely sail in the Bathurst Harbour, near Youghall Beach. Something for everyone.

Paul and I later enjoyed a little "refreshment" on our deck at home, where we were flying our New Brunswick, Newfoundland and Canadian flags.

We are very proud to be Canadian


  1. Nice walk through Canada Day Marilyn. I spent the day at Bonne Bay Pond as July 1 is also my brother's birthday.

  2. fantastic! shame its not called dominion day anymore!