Sunday, April 11, 2010

Pabineau Falls, New Brunswick

Pabineau Falls is on private land owned and managed by the Pabineau First Nation, but very accessible to the public.

The Nepisiquit River squeezes through a maze of boulders as it flows towards the Bay of Chaleur. The area was the ancient fishing area for the Mi'k Maq Indians. Now in early fall you can often see a local salmon fisherman on the river. We also saw salmon trying to jump the falls.

aul and I took a drive on Friday to see the Falls and it was quiet a spectacle.

To give you some idea of the amount of water coming over the rocks, here is a comparison showing the impact of the spring run-off. The photo below was taken August 2009 when my friend Bunty and I were visiting the Falls. You will see in the next photo, the rocks we were sitting on are now under water.

Here are a few action photos of the water. Why is water so fascinating?

The first sunny day we get next week, we plan on making with a picnic lunch and return to the Falls.


  1. Wow, I can hear the river from here! (Australia). Great photos, Marilyn :-)

  2. Great job with these water shots! You really captured the perspective and force of it.