Thursday, December 3, 2009

Our Annual Newsletter & a little of our Christmas.....

Our first snow fall on 1 December

December 2009

Paul and I have now been retired for more than one year and we are enjoying our new lifestyle very much, while amazed at how busy we are and often wonder how we ever worked and got everything done.

We spent some time this past January visiting with my sister, brother-in-law and my Mom in Brockville Ontario before we started our drive to South Carolina, USA, where we spent February and March. We rented a condo on the beach in Surfside Beach. It was a very relaxing time and we enjoyed not having to drive in snow or wear winter clothing, like in Canada. We returned to our house in Beresford in April.

The spring months were very busy with a lot of outside work and gardening. We did manage to take some beach walks occasionally and a few day trips to visit places in the area (see our other blog entries).

In July we drove to Ottawa for 10 days for the Ottawa Annual Blues Festival which we enjoyed very much. Paul and I also took time to visit with friends and family in the area before returning to New Brunswick. In August we had several friends come to visit us and in September my sister and brother-in-law spent some time with us. We did a lot of beach walking and treasure hunting during their visit.
Paul spent some time on the golf course with his brother-in-law and friends over the summer. In September he started to attend hockey games to watch our local team, the Acadie-Bathurst Titans. I have attended a couple of games with him also.

In October I had cataract eye surgeries which went very well and I can now see distance without glasses for the first time since I was 7 years old, but I do need glasses still for reading.

Our weather in November was wonderful with warmer than normal days so Paul and I were able to take beach walks and even sit outside on our deck to have a coffee and watch the birds at our feeders. I have also been doing a little volunteer work with the Bathurst Hospital Auxiliary, which I am enjoying. I donated these Christmas stockings for sale in our Gift Shop at the hospital.

Paul and I were extremely happy to have his son, Tom, safely back home in Canada after his second tour of duty in Afghanistan ended in November. Our thoughts and prayers go out to our soldiers still in active duty and their families at home.

December will be busy for Paul and I with hosting a Christmas Drinks Party for a few of our new friends, as well as hosting a family dinner for Paul's siblings.

On 27 December, weather permitting, we will drive to Brockville to spend a few days and New Year's Eve with my sister, visit my Mom (who will be turning 90 in January) and then start our drive to South Carolina where we will spend January, February and March).

Paul and I would like to wish you and your family a wonderful holiday season and lots of good memories in the New Year.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year


  1. This is a lovely post. In the first photo your cedars look like little soldiers bundled up against the cold. Did you stitch the Happy Holidays with the bird houses?

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  3. I agree with Elaine, this is a lovely post. You have a real skill at blogging. when you mentioned you had had some snow you weren't kidding. I hope it's all disappeared by now.
    I love your new placemats. I don't think I've seen anything as nice here. Hope to see you both when you're up this way before you head down to S.C.

  4. I loved your letter and pictures, great job! And thanks for keeping us posted! Merry Christmas! love ya Donna & Peter

  5. Love to see all the snow! We still have none. We've had a few flurries but nothing that stuck to the ground. That's actually fine with me. Tomorrow we're heading to Collingwood to spend the day with Dianne so we'll see lots of snow there. It's a bit like being a grandparent...we'll leave it behind when we go.

    Your Christmas decorations are beautiful. Thanks for sharing it Marilyn.

    Have a great time in SC again this year.

  6. I loved all the snow! We still don't have any here. We've had a few flurries over the last few days but nothing has stuck to the ground which is OK by me. We'll see plenty when we visit Dianne tomorrow in Collingwood. It will be a bit like the grandparent thing...enjoy it for the day and leave it behind.

    I loved all your decorations Marilyn. They're beautiful. Thanks for sharing.