Saturday, December 26, 2009

Christmas Walks on the Beach....

Paul and I were very fortunate this Christmas to enjoy some time on Beresford Beach.

Christmas Eve had a mild, sunny afternoon so before attending dinner at his sister Jeannine's for her delicious homemade meat pies, we took a few minutes to stop by the beach, take a couple of photos and make a short walk. There was a little ice along the shore and in the bay, but we were able to walk on the upper sandy portion. We found it fascinating to watch the ripple of the waves. It appeared an optical illusion.

It is always interesting to see what each day at the beach will bring. This time of year there is more sand and slate-type rocks, and a little ice of course.

On Christmas Day, once we had our turkey stuffed and roasting in the oven and the salt meat and pease pudding (a Nfld. tradition) boiling on the stove, we treated ourselves to some fresh ocean air. We even did a little treasuring hunting and found several pieces of green seaglass, which seemed an appropriate color to find at Christmas. I kept hoping to find a red one to go with them but no such luck.

Paul's family, and I guess my family now also, arrived late afternoon and we enjoyed a traditional Christmas dinner of turkey, stuffing, cranberry sauce and lots of vegetables. Jeannine brought the dessert which was two homemade pies, lemon for Jamie and blueberry for me. We shared them with the others!

Well on Boxing Day we took down our Christmas decorations as we are travelling south in the next couple of days once the weather is good. There is still a little snow and freezing rain in the forecast for a day or so.

Paul and I decided to take a little break from our chores and, yes, we went back to the beach. Last year our last walk on the beach was 5 December so we are really enjoying the extra time this year. The sound of the waves lapping against the small mounds of ice was very soothing.

Paul found a nice piece of white seaglass and I found a small piece of rare purple/amethyst glass. At first I wasn't sure of the colour, so when I returned home I quickly took out my "Pure Seaglass - Discovering Nature's Vanishing Gems" book by Richard Lamotte and made a comparison. As you can see in the photo below, the piece may be small (left in photo) but it is purple/amethyst. What a great Christmas present for a seaglass collector!

Well, we hope to be travelling over the next few days so we will wish you an early Happy New Year for 2010 and we hope you will return to read about our adventures next year....


  1. That was a lovely piece of lavender glass you found .. good eye sight. I'm envious.

  2. We are most pleased that you had such a lovely Christmas, Marilyn and Paul. Back in BC with temperatures rather low, about +2, and some snow, about 2 cm last week and now all gone, we also shared a lovely stroll up at Cultus Lake. Though the wind was brisk, Becky still was eager to swim. (We were thinking of you, Paul, as to when Becky was just a puppy, only 7 weeks old, and you shared time with us over Christmas in BC.)
    Rene and I wish you a safe journey to Ontario and, thereafter, a fabulous time down south. We feel enormous gratitude to you both for such a lovely time that we were able to share with you in NB this past August. Thanks ever so much.
    Thus, from our home to yours, from the west to the east, may you have a marvelous new year, Paul and Marilyn.
    Caroline and Rene