Saturday, May 9, 2009


Since Paul and I like to take pictures, we thought it would be a good idea for us to look into taking a digital photography course, now that we have more time on our hands since retiring. We found that the University of New Brunswick offered a beginners course at the Bathurst High School on Wednesday evenings. Since it was a beginners course we thought it best that only one of us attend, so we decided that Paul would register and that he would share his knowledge and course material with me at home.

After his first class, he was tasked with bringing some photos back to the next class. One picture was to be taken with a macro, another of something his classmates had to guess what it was and another of something he thought interesting.

As the macro is often used to photograph flowers, Paul chose to capture some of the daffodils in my garden.

The photograph he took for his classmates to guess what it was, was this one.

It is the seat cover of one of our dining room chairs which I had recently recovered with lighthouse material that we purchased in South Carolina.

is interesting photo was rather unique. When we went to our local fish market, Arseneau's, to get our first lobster of the season, the clerk brought out a lobster that had an extra claw growing on the side of its normal claw.

The last photo was of a garden swing taken at a local exhibit Paul attended. When we are out shopping about, we often take photos of items that we see and want to remember or think about whether we wish to purchase. It is a good way of not forgetting, which for us these days is very easy to do.

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  1. Paul's done a great job with his assignment - it would've taken me a long time to figure out the diningroom chair.