Monday, May 11, 2009

Always Things to Do

We started last week with lots of yard work. Two days of raking the front and side yards, then we ventured into the backyard for a day to cut the long grasses, clear out under the willows and cut down the damaged branches. Then the fourth day we had to burn all that we collected in our fire pit. It was a long day and I was covered with soot when I finished as the wind was gusty at times.

On Thursday we thought we would treat ourselves with a nice walk on our beach and do a little treasure hunting. It was so nice to listen to the waves roll in.

Paul and I did very well finding treasures and here is our collection. We found several nice pieces of white this time. As the tide was rather high, we were limited.

Over time we found several pieces of seaglass that we were excited about. Paul found a large piece of green and I found a piece of white which we think was once a bottle stopper. I decided to have necklaces made with these two pieces, by Sonia Turner our local Seaglass Queen.

On Saturday evening we attended the Clifton United Church lobster dinner and it was a great meal. While waiting for our table number to be called, we sat in the Church which gave us the time to enjoy the magnificent stained glass windows. Here are a couple of them.

Our week would not be complete without a little bird watching in our yard.

I wonder what this week will find us doing?


  1. Yes I would say you did very well at finding treaures. I love the pendent that Sonia made with your white piece.