Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Horry County Museum, Conway SC

In April 2014 the Horry County Museum began work on a 4,400 gallon freshwater aquarium that was featured on Animal Planet’s show "Tanked".

The aquarium is the focal point of the Horry County Museum. Visitors can view the living natural history exhibit and encounter a variety of freshwater fish that are found in local rivers and lakes.

Paul and I make a visit to the Museum last week and found it very interesting.
Paul taking a closer look at the tank.


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  1. As we read of your travels to South Carolina, Paul and Marilyn, we thought of Paul having done the Trail on Vancouver Island. We are enjoying a week here and are staying a few nights in a cabin at Tofino. It's so very beautiful. Hope that you may visit here together one day in your future together. I thought of your early mornings on the beach as the three of us enjoyed the same early this afternoon (as the tide was out and we reached a few islands by foot). With gratitude for the beautiful travels around New Brunswick a few summers ago,
    Samson and his Mum and Dad (Car and Rene)