Wednesday, February 19, 2014

A Little Spring at Brookgreen Yesterday

Crocus in bloom in the garden

A turtle enjoying the warmth of the sun, after days of cool weather.

Magnolia blooms reaching for the sun



  1. Bonne Fete, Paul! Soixante deux est un bon numero. Rene est soixante maintenant. Je te reconnais vingt ans passes. Bonne Fete!

  2. Beautiful!
    One day left and you shall be leaving the landscape and weather (plus twenty today) similar to Vancouver!
    Have a good drive.
    Rene, Caroline and Samson (woof)

  3. Are you back home to New Brunswick, yet? How have you both been?
    Rene, Caroline and Samson

  4. We are hoping that you are both safe and well. Please let us know that your journey has gone safely and that you soon shall be back home to New Brunswick.