Saturday, January 25, 2014

What Does This Mean to You...

While browsing in The Gay Dolphin Gift Shop in Myrtle Beach, I saw this novelty sign that caught my eye and made me ponder. 

- What does this mean? 

- What do I want on my ship?

- Has my ship already come in?

I will think a little longer, before I answer my questions.



  1. I pondered it, hum sounds like itis I hope I meet my match before I'm too old, maybe.

  2. Many regards to you both.
    How have you been?
    With the weather plus 8 to plus 12 Celsius in January and February, though ever so close to the mountains and the ocean on the west, we were wondering how you have been whilst we watch continuously on the news as to the horrid weather up and down the east coast.
    Caroline and Rene