Thursday, May 24, 2012

Downshore Today

For Paul and I there is no better way to spend a nice sunny afternoon than downshore on our favourite beach.  Today we saw the local lobster boats on the water pulling their traps. 


Of course if we are downshore, we are combing the beach for treasures.

We had another afternoon of great finds.  I still have to sort mine a little to weed out some of the less perfect pieces.

Paul has even inserted a Toonie with his collection so you are able to see the size by scale.  Between us we found 70 blue mermaid tears.  At one time we would be happy to find a couple of pieces of blue but now we are getting spoiled with all these finds.

A few of my great finds today are:  several pieces of pottery, one piece of light grey, one piece of mauve, sea foam greens and a piece of what is referred to as "black" glass which is actually a very dark green. 

Another great day in our simple life.

1 comment:

  1. Love your finds! The amount and the colours are fabulous. I've only ever found one piece of pottery. I think they're extra special treats.