Friday, January 20, 2012

Sea Shell Crafting

Earlier this week, I was invited to lunch and an afternoon of sea shell crafting with Irm and Susan.  Irm first treated us to her homemade butternut squash soup, which was absolutely wonderful, and definitely worthy of a second serving.  I actually didn't make a craft but picked up valuable tips on how to start a project and work with the glues, etc., from my two experienced crafting friends.

These are the shells that Susan collected on a Florida beach that she brought along to use on the picture frame she was making.  I am happy to say that she was kind enough to give us a baggie full for a future project. 

Here is Susan busily working on her project, which will be a gift for her friend.  I realized when I got home that we were so busy chatting and admiring all the shells, that I did not get a photo of Susan's finished project, a shelled-covered photo frame.

This centrepiece on Irm's table is one of her earlier creations.  The vase is full of some very interesting shells, sea urchins, sand dollars, etc.  I fell in love with the shell ring at the base of the vase.  I hope to attempt to make one, but I know mine will not be as beautiful as this one.

Each time I visit with Irm, I am amazed by her latest creation, like this fish.  She designed and created this piece of art from coloured beer caps.  It was so interesting.

I now have to go to the local craft shop to get my glue, wreath ring, etc. so I can get busy with my project once I am back in my craft room.  I hope I remember all that I was taught.

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  1. The fish is really neat and the detail in the shell ring is stunning!