Monday, December 26, 2011

Our Christmas 2011

With a few Christmas cards from family and friends, our "Christmas tree", which is a gift bag we received from a friend, and the special gift under our tree received from Paul's son and daughter-in-law, a nice holiday was had by us.

Christmas Eve here in Surfside Beach was quite sunny so we had our breakfast and coffee out on our deck and enjoyed seeing a few dolphins.

Our tradition for the past few years has been to have meat pie for our Christmas Eve meal, before going to Church.  Last year, being our first Christmas in the United States, we went in pursuit of our traditional Canadian meal of meat pie but only got strange looks from the store clerks when we asked if they sold meat pie.  This year we thought we could still have a pie, and have more luck to find a fresh chicken pot pie.  COSTCO did have the chicken pie, but as shoppers of COSTCO know, all things in that store are BIG!  After checking a couple more grocery stores in the area to no avail, Paul went back to COSTCO for the "big one"!  Here it is, hot out of the oven.....

Yes, there were leftovers, for Boxing Day.

Christmas morning found Paul in a hurry to open our present from under our tree.  The Customs label read "digital photo frame" so all our fingers were crossed that it held wedding photos from Tom and Lisa, and it did!  We quickly plugged it in and enjoyed the slide show.  What a great present.

Next came our traditional Christmas morning breakfast of omelettes and coffee.  I do the cooking but Paul does the clean up. 

After a lazy afternoon at home, we headed down the beach to Myrtle Beach Resort to visit with our Newfoundland friends.  I was waiting in the lobby for Paul to park the car.

Maddie, our wonderful hostess and cook, was busy in her kitchen preparing a traditional turkey dinner for us.

Here we are (L to R): Tony, Cindy, Maddie, Shirley, Bill and Paul enjoying a wonderful Christmas dinner.

Paul and I were very thankful to have shared Christmas day with our friends, and enjoy this wonderful meal.


  1. Thanks for sharing your Christmas photo's...nice that you were both able to share the great day with friends...we miss you.
    Happy Holidays
    Charlie & Carmella xox

  2. With wonderful memories of Christmas, may you both have a lovely Happy New Year!

    Bonne Heureuse Annee, vous deux!

    Rene et Caroline