Sunday, October 2, 2011


Although it was a windy and gray day, Paul and I decided to head downshore for a drive and get a little fresh air. It is always interesting to drive along the coastal route.

We stopped to see this pony and its foal, but the foal seemed camera shy and hid behind.

Going downshore means time on the beach for us. Although it was windy and cool, we had a great stroll and found lots of treasures.

And these are my finds of the day. It was a great day for seaglass (mermaid tears).

These are my rare treasures, according to the seaglass charts. And the large grey one in the centre of the photo is my best find ever. It was an "OMG" find, as grey is very rare and this piece is almost perfect quality! So exciting...

On the drive home we took the highway as it was a little quicker and we were anxious to get home in time to cook our evening meal. We got to enjoy some of the fall colors along the way. The photos are not the best of quality as they were taken through the car window while driving over the bumpy roads of Northern New Brunswick.

We love the freshness and the colours of the fall. It is our favourite season.

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  1. I love all the fall colors peeking through! That driftwood is awesome. Thanks for sharing! :)