Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Lobster Season in New Brunswick

Last week Paul and I spent the afternoon on one of our favourite beaches enjoying the sound of the waves and looking for treasures.

The first of May is the opening of the lobster fishing season in northern New Brunswick. At the wharf at Stonehaven there were lots of lobster pots, both the new style (wire) and the old style (wooden).

We chatted with a couple of the local fishermen who are still fishing, even though they are well over the age of 70. They say there is no experience like being on the water at sunrise.

The fishing boats were all tied up at the wharf awaiting the first day of lobster fishing.

Well, the first catch of the season was successful and our table is set for a feast. We like a simple menu of potato salad, fresh bread, wine, beer and of course - big, juicy lobsters.

I can't think of anything that tastes as yummy as the first lobsters of the season. What a great meal it was...

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