Saturday, April 16, 2011

Colonial Williamsburg

Paul and I spent a second afternoon touring Colonial Williamsburg. Our first stop was the Capital Building, the center of political and social life of Virginia for most of the 18th Century. The original building was constructed in 1705. At the beginning of the American Revolution it was used by British forces and later dismantled for its materials. This period-dressed lady gave us a very informative tour of the Capital Building.

Although the building has been restored, this is the original Governor's chair from 1750.

It was a warm, sunny Spring day so we continued our stroll along Main Street.

Another building that we toured was the Apothecary. In colonial times the Apothecary was more than simply a druggist and practiced as a doctor. Paul and I both enjoyed the history of Colonial Williamsburg. But we must confess, we especially enjoyed our trips to The Peanut Shop. There were so many samples available - yum yum.... We did buy a few treats to bring home.

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  1. How did all go considering the horrific storms in your area?