Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Leisurely Day

Wednesday is our regular breakfast morning out and here we always go to the Prince Creek Diner where the food and service are great.

fter breakfast each Wednesday, we usually do a day trip or exploring in the area. It was rather hot this morning and neither of us like heat very much so we decided to drive some of the back roads to check out the early spring blooms and the landscaping of new houses being built in the nearby subdivisions.

First we spotted this Blue Bird flying about and we have only seen a couple of them while here, so we stopped to take a photo.

Our next stop was to admire these lovely trees in bloom in this garden. Unfortunately our photo does not do it justice.

As we were driving along, we could see these beautiful purple blooms intertwined amongst the large trees and even covering the electrical wires. At first I thought they were lilacs, by the fragrance, but when we stopped to take photos I realized that they are not lilacs. I have to ask my Carolina friend the name as I could not find them on the Internet.

Our next stop was at the Lowe's Hardware Garden Centre. We enjoy walking through all the flowers and trees, but also found it a little sad, as I am unable to take any plants back across the border into Canada. It is also amazing to see how inexpensive the trees sell for here in the USA. I always have garden envy here.....

This is a peach tree in bloom. Yes, only $24.98!

Flowering Pussy Willow

Calla Lily

These red and white petunias remind me of Canada because of the colours.

Columbine, one of my favourite plants

I thought the leaves where quite interesting on these plants.

It is difficult to believe that people in the south are enjoying all these beautiful spring blooms today, while people in the north are dealing with winter weather.


  1. The flowers are lovely. I have some shoots coming out near the house but the back lawn still has snow. It's too bad you can't bring home some of those flowering trees from the garden centre.

    The purple flowers look like wisteria, if I'm not mistaken.

    Love Irm's display.

  2. Were the purple flowers a type of sweetpea?

  3. Giselle was correct. The purple flowers are Japanese Wisteria.