Saturday, February 19, 2011

A Great Birthday

Well, the birthday guy had a great day (17 February), so he said. He started his morning requesting a homemade omelette and coffee for his breakfast and then relaxed for a couple of hours on our sunny deck reading his newspaper and watching the ocean waves.

We took a long beach walk together and enjoyed the view of a couple of dolphins swimming close by.

The afternoon and evening were spent at Paul's new favourite place, Hannah Banana's Sunshine Cabana in Murrells Inlet. Unfortunately the sun and wind did not cooperate as much as we could have liked so we only were able to sit outside for a little while, but long enough to enjoy a couple of cool beers and appetizers.

It is such a great place on the intercoastal waterway and we were able to watch a couple of boats go by. This one, being a local shrimp boat.

We didn't get to enjoy a colourful sunset that evening, but the sky was lovely, just the same.

We moved our little party inside once the sun went down. Their bar has quite a selection of beverages. My sister even tried a pumpkin liqueur. It was a little too spice flavoured for me.

We enjoyed a meal of great burgers and then I drove the birthday guy and my sister home.

I shouldn't say this, but - we ate so much food at dinner that we had to postpone having the birthday cake at home until the next day. Which was a good thing!

Here's to many more birthdays together cutie.....


  1. Looks and sounds like a good time was had by all.

  2. Bonne fete, Paul!!!

  3. Glad that you are treating my brother extra good. Loved the pictures. I can see that he enjoyed his birthday.