Monday, December 27, 2010

Our Christmas Dinner

As I said in my previous blog, the table was set awaiting the Christmas dinner. This year it was just the two of us for Christmas and we had a lovely day.

Well cooking in another person's kitchen is not the same as being at home, but I did manage. We bought a new roasting pan at the Corelle Factory Outlet which came in very handy as there was no other pan large enough at the condo to cook our chicken in. Yes, we opted for a chicken this year, although turkeys were selling for $0.69 a pound in the supermarkets in Surfside. The problem was the smallest one we could find was about 30 pounds! Doesn't that chicken look yummy?

For some reason I don't cook a turkey but I do cook a chicken and Paul will cook a turkey, but not a chicken. Paul is able to carve either though, as you can see!

Here's a toast to our first Christmas dinner in Surfside Beach. We hope the first of many...

Now this is the gal serving (chicken, mash potatoes, sweet potatoes, carrots and Newfoundland stuffing)...

And here is the guy serving. I shouldn't tell this, but the guy had seconds!

Note the little smile on this cute face. Paul had been waiting all day for this moment.

I guess this empty plate means the wait was worth it!

Paul and I would like to wish you peace, love, health and happiness for the New Year.

Happy 2011

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  1. Dear Marilyn and Paul,

    Your Christmas dinner looks delicious. This evening, we gathered with Sandy MacDonald and his wife Kate. We spoke of you both with warmth. Though from England, Kate's very favourite place is Prince Edward Island. As the two of you have demonstrated to us, the East coast, be it up in New Brunswick or far further South, is lovely.

    Merry Christmas, Paul and Marilyn!

    Caroline, Becky and Rene