Saturday, November 14, 2009

Too Much Beach, Too Little Time....

This morning Paul and I decided to take a drive to Clifton to a Church Tea. It was my second church tea this fall as I attended one in October with some lady friends in Bathurst, but a new experience for Paul. Some guys think it's not really a "guy thing" to do. Well, when Paul saw all the sweets on the lunch table and realised what he had been missing in the past, he was hooked. The blueberry cobbler took quite a hit - three servings at last count! I was quite happy with the blueberry loaf - but only two servings. We did buy some cookies and a bottles of pickles.

After several cups of tea/coffee and more than enough sweets, we were on our way, and making plans to return next year.

It was such a beautiful sunny morning, with temperatures near 13C which is unusual for this time of year, that we decided to enjoy every moment of our time and stopped at Janeville Beach for a walk. A perfect day...

Here are the treasures that we found while strolling. No rare colours today but we found some very nice white sea glass.

Last year we were able to walk the beach until 2 December. I wonder when we will take our last walk for this year?

Carpe Diem


  1. It takes a real man to go to a church tea! And now that Paul knows about the goodies, try and keep him away. Love the photo with the fence - beautiful.

  2. What a great day you had. Glad to hear Paul discovered the hidden joys of church bazaars. It's the tea and sandwiches, the baking, and the preserves that you can get. I bought a dozen assorted muffins at a church bazaar this weekend. Just wish I had gotten the recipes as well.

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