Sunday, July 5, 2009

Our Adventures in Ontario

Well, we had our first Brockville Canada Day this year and while it was much more quiet and less colorful than Ottawa, it was a nice day. We dressed in our red and white and strolled about the waterfront, enjoying a sunny day. How more Canadian can one get than to make a visit to Tim Horton's on Canada Day! Paul and I took in a concert in the evening and then we joined my sister and her hubby on their sailboat in the harbour to enjoy the fireworks which were really great.

My sister and I enjoying a stroll along the St. Lawrence River near their condo.

Today Paul and Captain Moores (my brother-in-law Neil) decide to take a morning sail along the St. Lawrence. That's Paul at the wheel but no need to worry, they are still tied to the dock.

I was walking along the pathway in the park when I captured them at full sail. It was a beautiful sunny morning with a nice breeze. Ideal for a good sail.

Since I am not a sailor, I spent the morning sitting on the boardwalk reading my book, waiting for their return and watching the world go by. It was so relaxing.

We spent the afternoon in Mallorytown at my sister's summer place, which is about 20 minutes from Brockville. They refer to it as "the farm". We cooked up a Newfoundland Jiggs Dinner which we shared with our Mom and friend, Giselle. It was a great meal and Giselle provided a dessert of fresh strawberries, angel food cake and whipped cream, which was enjoyed by all.


  1. I'm with you for reading on the boardwalk! Beautiful photos.

  2. It was a wonderful Jiggs Dinner, cooked by a very talented chef and her sous-chef, and eaten in the company of good friends. What more can you ask for, except more time in their company?